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Membership Launch FAQ

Q: If I want to join the membership now, can I?

A: Unfortunately no. Enrollment will be open for a week again sometime in late spring/early summer. That week you will again get a plethora of emails from me about the membership enrollment. You should also take this chance to get on the waitlist (below) as you get updates and first access when it does open again. Until then, enjoy and engage with all of my free content and get excited for so much more!

Q: How often do you open enrollment?

A: Currently the plan is enrollment will be open for one week at a time 3-4 times a year. That way there is a balance between focusing on the growth of the people inside the membership AND opening enrollment for more parents to take advantage of this opportunity. The specifics may change but if you're worried about my whole email list becoming a perpetual sales ad for the membership, you have nothing to fear. The overwhelming majority of weeks you will continue to receive one email with tips and advice to help you parent better.

Q: What is the membership?

A: Everything about the membership can be found online HERE. The Monthly and Annual price for the next launch has not yet been set. If you have additional questions you can always email me at

Q: Why did you send out 9 emails during the launch?

A: It costs money to run Whole Parent. I have to pay an email provider, website costs, other necessary subscriptions, buy equipment, and so many more related expenses before I even consider the basically full-time hours I put into helping folks parent better. Until the launch, I was spending thousands of dollars with little to no return. In order for Whole Parent to continue I had to find a way to monetize the platform into sustainability.

I considered numerous ways of doing that and the one that seemed head and shoulders above the rest was to create a community, the Whole Parent Membership, that would not only fulfill my purpose of helping people go deeper in their parenting journey but also would be able to support the rest of the free content I deliver.

You got 6-9 emails last week because, by sending those 6-9 emails, I was able to communicate to over 450 parents why they should join the membership... and even with as many as 9 emails in some cases, I've had over 100 emails and messages come in since then telling me they "missed it" and would have joined. Those 450 people (if you are not one) now support your access to all of my content including my weekly emails and all of my social media accounts.

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