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Take the stress out of parenting.

Get access to the Online Course and Weekly Coaching

Do you feel totally overwhelmed by your child's behavior?

Yeah... You're not alone.


Does this sound like you?

You find yourself yelling at your kids because it's the ONLY way they'll listen.

Bribes, threats, time-outs.

But none of it actually changes the behavior in the long run.

You wish you could be more patient

But in the heat of the moment you get so triggered that you just snap.

I don't blame you.

But what if there was a better way?

What if you didn't NEED so much patience because you actually understood your child?

And you could deal with a problem ONCE rather than over and over.


Ready for the secret?

The secret that makes this possible... Neuroscience.


By understanding your kid's brain you can address behaviors in a way that will actually work

You're like,
"That's great, Jon..."

But I don't have a degree in counseling. And I'm definitely not a neuroscientist...


Don't worry. I've got you covered. 



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The first ever counseling-based membership with weekly coaching calls and step-by-step parenting solutions

What's Included:

Online Course

Access to the full length online course with over 20 video lessons

Weekly Coaching

Live group coaching (plus unlimited replays if you can't make it)

Monthly Workshops

90 minute monthly workshops on topics YOU vote on


Only $29

For a limited time only!


what others are saying...

"I used to see my kids as a chore... enemies even. But learning from Jon has changed my entire outlook on parenting. I am now developing a positive relationship with them and with myself."

-Stevan H

"Before joining, I was skeptical. But the depth of content, backed by science and personal introspection, has transformed my relationship with my children. Highly recommended!"

-Laura P

"This membership is a treasure trove of insights and actionable advice. Every month, I find myself learning something new that not only benefits my kids but helps me heal and grow as a person."

-Mark T

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