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Billing and Cancellation FAQ 

Q: How can I update my billing or credit card information? 

A: You can always update your billing or credit card information at the link here:

Q: If the Membership gets more expensive will I be charged more?

A: No! As long as your account remains active, you will always stay at the same price. 

Q: Can I change my billing from monthly to annual? 

A: Yes! You now can change your billing from monthly to annual by contacting Jon at When you switch to annual your subscription will “reset” on that day and I'll calculate a partial refund for any time left on your current payment. 

Q: Can my partner have a separate account for the app? 

A: At this time, I haven’t yet figured out how to do that in a cost effective way for Whole Parent and the user. I know that this is something people would like to see happen and I'm working hard to make it a possibility soon. 

Q: How do I cancel my Membership? 

A: As much as it kills me to see members decide to leave, I’ve tried to make that process as simple as possible. All you need to do is go to the link below to cancel. PLEASE NOTE: Deactivating your Mighty Network account WILL NOT cancel your membership. I’ve tried in every way possible with Mighty Networks to allow me to make that work but it’s currently not possible. I’m sorry about the inconvenience; I know that would be more intuitive. Also note, cancelling your membership means you cannot join back up until the membership is open for enrollment again and you will have to join at that price and once you cancel, I have no ability to "undo" it at that point.

Q: What if I am billed AFTER I cancel?

A: This system is still new so if I missed your email or there was some other error in cancellation, I’ll refund you, obviously. Honestly, I covet your grace in this process because the “technical business” side of Whole Parent is tough. I would never intentionally charge someone who has cancelled. 


Q: Who can I contact if I'm having problems or was billed in error?

A: You can always contact me with any questions you might have. My email is

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