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Membership Enrollment coming soon!


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The first ever counseling-based membership with weekly coaching calls and step-by-step parenting solutions


Hi, I'm Jon! 

Dad of 3. Masters level counseling training. Parenting Educator with over 750,000 followers across platforms. 

Do you feel totally overwhelmed by your child's behavior?

No clue how to respond when they refuse to share, bite their little sister, or boycott bedtime?

Yeah... You're not alone.

According to the National Institute of Health, 72% of parents lack effective behavior response strategies.


Sound familiar?

You find yourself yelling at your kids because it's the ONLY way they'll listen.

Bribes, threats, time-outs.

But none of it actually changes the behavior.


You wish you could be more patient

But in the heat of the moment you get so triggered that you just snap.

I don't blame you


But what if there was a better way?

What if you didn't NEED so much patience because you actually understood your child?

And you could deal with a problem ONCE rather than over and over.

what others are saying...

"I can't even explain to you how much this information has changed the dynamic in our home. Thank you so much Jon, you're amazing!"

- Bree L


Ready for the secret?

The secret that makes this possible... Neuroscience.


By understanding your kid's brain you can address behaviors in a way that will actually work


You're like,
"That's great, Jon..."

But I don't have a degree in counseling. And I'm definitely not a neuroscientist...


Don't worry. I've got you covered. 




what's included

The Online Course

The full length online course with over 90 minutes of lessons.

Live Coaching

Have specific questions about your child? You'll have weekly group coaching calls with Jon.

Private Community

Support and encouragement from like-minded parents in it with you.


what others are saying...

"I used to see my kids as a chore... enemies even. But learning from Jon has changed my entire outlook on parenting. I am now developing a positive relationship with them and with myself."

-Stevan H


But here's the thing

You are ONLY able to sign up for the membership this week!!!!

On Friday at midnight (CST) the doors to the membership will close.

(Or sooner if the membership reaches max capacity)

Why will the doors close?

There are a couple of reasons you can't get into the membership after this week...

1. I don't want to be "selling" to you year round

2. I want to have the time and energy to really invest in the current members


Limited Spots

I will also only be accepting a limited number of applicants and only during enrollment periods.


I want to be fully available to those inside the membership and therefore need to keep it to a manageable number.

Next Steps:

1. Secure your spot on the waitlist (you did!)

2. Receive amazing content weekly until next launch

3. Enroll ASAP during the next enrollment 


Benefits of becoming a member

Step-by-step solutions that solve behavior issues quickly and effectively, so you're not addressing the same issues every. single. day.

Discipline strategies that put you and your child on the same team rather than constantly fighting against one another

Confidence that your parenting is setting your child up for lifelong success and emotional well-being

Clear and simple video lessons that you can share with your partner... finally get on the same page

Answers to your specific scenarios on live coaching calls with Jon so you have a game plan on exactly what to do next

Accountability and support from a community of like-minded parents so you don't feel so alone on this wild ride


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